• Hot water system repairs
  • Evaporative cooler repairs

  • Split-system air-con repairs

  • Ducted heating repairs

  • Replacing tap washers

  • Replacing broken taps

  • Fixing noisy taps or ‘water hammering’

  • Replacing broken toilet seats

  • Replacing cistern mechanisms

  • Unblocking sinks and toilets

  • Gas leak detection


Did you know, on average one minor leaking tap or toilet can waste up to 20L of water a day! Multiplied by 365 days, that’s 7,300L you could be saving on your water bill if left unfixed.

Kat’s Plumbing Co. repair and replace faulty tap-ware and toilet suites with confidence. We will explain to you what the problem is, why it has occurred and how we will fix it. We can even recommend more convenient solutions for households, like 1/4 turn taps for the elderly.

Be water wise and save water.

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