Kat’s Plumbing Co. specialise in hot water service, repair and installation. We offer repair and replacement systems across leading brands including Rheem, Aquamax, Rinnai and Vulcan.

Hot Water Services

Replacing fixtures such as taps and shower heads can help reduce the household costs, but sometimes the entire hot water system needs replacement. A common reason as to why you may need to call for a hot water service repair or replacement is the unit too old to continue functioning correctly, or it may be leaking. Many homeowners choose to replace it with a cheap, energy efficient system instead of continuing to pay unending repair costs.


Continuous flow and instantaneous heaters use a fairly new technology. Instead of using a storage tank, water is heated only as needed, reducing waste and allowing for greater temperature control. Continuous flow units are extremely energy efficient with a 6-7 star energy rating; making them an efficient way to supply your home. These heaters are also very compact and can be installed in small spaces within Melbourne homes. These units may not be as cheap as the storage unit alternative; however, they can be more efficient and you can have an endless supply of hot water.
Instantaneous hot water system installation


Storage water heaters heat and store water in an insulated tank for use when it is required.

These heaters either use a gas burner located under the storage tank, or an electric element in the tank, to heat the water. Gas units usually have a pilot flame that burns continuously and lights the main burner when it’s needed. Storage systems lose heat through the walls of the tank so they need to burn gas, or use electricity regularly to keep the water at the desired temperature. Well-insulated tanks will have lower storage losses. Good thing is you can use many taps at once with mains pressure and there are 5-star and indoor models available.


By absorbing energy from the sun’s rays to heat water in collectors (or panels) on your roof, along with gas or electric powered boosters, the water is then transferred to a storage tank. Solar systems are by far the most energy efficient, but also the most expensive to install. The storage tank could either be located on your roof with panels or on ground outside the house. Many Melbourne homeowners choose to install the boosters and tank at ground level to avoid the time and expense required to reinforce the roof as well as to allow for easier access during hot water service repairs. Ground mounted systems rely on an inbuilt circulator to move the water through the system, whereas roof mounted systems rely on a natural thermosiphon.

Hot Water Maintenance

Just like any other system or appliance in a Melbourne home, water-heating systems need to be maintained to avoid costly repair. Without regular hot water maintenance, the integrity of the entire system is in jeopardy and expensive repairs are likely to be required. Melbourne homeowners may begin to experience regular pipe leaks, hot water tank leaks and other heater problems more frequently if the system is not regularly maintained.

In addition to timely repairs, it is important to follow a regular hot water maintenance schedule. For external heating units in Melbourne, it is recommended that this hot water maintenance be scheduled and performed at least every five years to maintain maximum efficiency and safety of the entire heating system. Internal Melbourne heating units should be maintained every two years to prevent tank leaks that can lead to costly repairs. Properly maintained water heater systems can help to identify a tank leak or heater break down early, reducing down time and repair costs to local Melbourne homeowners. It may also be beneficial to perform hot water maintenance of the entire system during a repair visit.

Regular hot water maintenance and repairs help to ensure even heating and maintain the integrity of the entire hot water heating system. To prevent damage, breakdown, and other possible repair issues of your heating system, the following should be performed as part of any Melbourne heating system maintenance schedule:

  • Clean the pilot and burner
  • Remove all sludge from the cylinder
  • Measure the hot water temperature and pressure
  • Check the anode – Replace if necessary
  • Inspect the pressure temperature relief valve – Replace according to manufacturer recommendations. (Usually every five years.)
  • Examine the thermocouple – Replace if necessary
  • Assess and adjust gas pressure if required
Hot water maintenance and repair can be complicated. If you require assistance with maintenance or repair, turn to a licensed, gas-fitting professional.



Range hoods are a necessary accessory for your kitchen. Not only do they look stylish but the exhaust fans in range hoods take fumes and oil particles out of the air so they don’t go on your roof or wall.

Kitchen Sinks & Taps

Ever hear of that couple who didn’t want to update their tired looking kitchen? Find that double-sink of your dreams, improve water pressure, stop shuddering, fix leaking taps, prevent swelled cupboards.

Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks can be incredibly dangerous, can cause house fires and are extremely damaging for your health if inhaled. We can come to your property to perform a gas leak detection service and repair any gas leaks you have.