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Competitive pricing

Kat’s Plumbing Co. was established to provide quality plumbing & advice at an affordable price for everybody. We pride ourselves on good communication, customer focus and efficiency.

Brands & products you can trust

Deriving from Melbourne’s western suburbs, Kat’s Plumbing Co. use high quality products sought from trusted manufacturers. It’s not enough to supply and install the best brands available – at Kat’s Plumbing Co., we also guarantee what we do.

Friendly, efficient service

Courteous and friendly, Kathrine takes the time to answer any plumbing questions before carrying out your plumbing requirements. Review customer testimonies..

Special interests

Kathrine is an all rounder, but fixing heaters, evaporative coolers and wall-mounted furnaces are a specialty. She has worked with both Real Estate Agents and private customers, finding the best and fairest solution for everyone is her main focus.

The right tools for the Job

Our vans are well stocked with essential equipment, tools and appliances that may be needed to perform any job from basic repairs to the supply and installation of a major appliance.

Licensed female plumber

Kathrine has studied with men, worked with men and grown up with men. Nothing strange about it. But a female plumber? There aren’t many of us around.