Do you need a new gas appliance? Is that old dusty heater due for service? Or that beautiful new cooktop ready to be installed?

Suspect a gas leak? Gas is highly flammable and working on your own services can carry huge risks. Unlike many ‘gas fitters’, Kathrine is both experienced and licensed in gas-fitting and is also a registered plumber. She has invested in the newest plumbing technologies, giving her the ability to pinpoint the smallest leaks, and repair in the quickest time possible. Getting you up and running again is her priority.

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Gas ducted heating, also known as gas central heating, is one of the cleanest and most energy efficient forms of home heating. These systems are designed to heat an entire home or sections of a home warm (through zoning) – saving you even more money on those cold Melbourne days.

Gas ducted heating systems are made up of a central heating unit, which is connected to a series of outlets. These outlets are positioned strategically throughout your home and are installed either in the floor or ceiling.

Our technical specialists, who are based in Melbourne can provide you with all the advice you need so that you get the gas central heating system that best suits your home and lifestyle at a competitive price.


Gas space heaters & wall furnaces work by passing cold air over a heat exchanger, which is warmed by gas combustion. The warmed air is then pushed through a vent into the room.

A thermostat is installed inside the heater. This senses the air temperature inside the room and sends a signal to the heater to turn on or off, or turn up or down.

Regardless of which system, it is best to install a fully-flued system so exhaust gases are safely expelled outside the home. With unflued heating doors or windows must be kept open to expel polluted air.

Some of the key advantages of Space Heating and Wall Furnace Heating are:

  • Low electricity consumption as it runs primarily on gas
  • Sleek and streamlined designs

  • They can run off natural, or propane gas

  • They’re fully flued

  • Constant, consistent and reliable heat source

  • They’re environmentally friendly with low carbon emissions and low energy consumption.

There are many types of space heaters available, so let Kat’s Plumbing help you chose the right system to keep you warm and comfortable during those cooler months.


Whether you want to escape the heat or embrace it, air conditioners help you set your room to just the right temperature. Air conditioners provide your family with comfortable and energy-efficient heating or cooling options.

TIP: It can be over 20% cheaper to heat your home during a Melbourne winter with a split system over a traditional flue gas heating system.

Trusted Brands: Kelvinator, Fujitsu, Panasonic

gas ducted heating

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