Ducted evaporative cooling is a great solution for the Melbourne climate. The technology behind it is very simple and delivers great results.

How They Work

Evaporative coolers sit on the roof of your house. They work by saturating filter pads in water and then blowing air from outside the house through these wet pads. Blowing the air through the pads cools the air while filtering out pollen, dust and other pollutants. This cold, clean air is then blown through strategically placed ducts to fill your whole home with a light, refreshing breeze.

Beware of evaporative cooling systems built with cheap plastic. Over time, this plastic can become brittle. The unit will then be liable to break, leaving you to sweat it out all summer.

Using Humidity

Because the evaporative method cools air by evaporating moisture into warm air to cool it down, it works best in dry weather. As a general rule, Melbourne’s humidity levels on a typical summer’s day are between 40-50%. The Melbourne climate is suited for evaporative cooling.

Conventional air conditioners work by recirculating air from inside the house and so work best with every door and window closed. Evaporative coolers, however, work by replacing the air inside your home with cooled air from the outside – doing this well requires some doors and windows to be open so that cool air can be kept blowing through the house. Ideally you should be replacing all the air in the home every 2 minutes. We can advise you on how many doors and windows you will need open to do this.

Cost Effectiveness

The combined water and electricity costs of running a typical evaporative cooler in Melbourne is between 10 and 25 cents an hour. This makes it a very affordable way to cool your home. Many customers will be able to beat the summer heat for under a dollar a day. With electricity prices having more than doubled in Melbourne since 2009, it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on running costs when arranging an evaporative cooling installation in Melbourne.

An evaporative cooling installation in Melbourne typically runs $3,000 – $5,000, depending on the size of your home.

This includes a warranty of between 3 and 10 years, depending on the evaporative cooling unit you install. The warranty usually covers everything except the filter pad. These usually need replacing every 7-12 years.


Reverse Cycle Window Box Air Conditioning units are designed to cool down and warm up any room to up 18sqm. Most provide a 2-in-1 solution that doesn’t disrupt your home’s design. Easy to install, they fit simply into a window frame to provide seamless cooling and heating.


Whether you want to escape the heat or embrace it, air conditioners help you set your room to just the right temperature. Air conditioners provide your family with comfortable and energy-efficient heating or cooling options.

We’ll help you choose the best split system to suit your needs. From energy efficiency ratings to choosing the right capacity to effectively cool the required room or space, to choosing a model with the preferred operational features.

We also provide expert advice on how to get the most efficiency out of your chosen system, talk you through it’s operational manual and features to ensure you take full advantage and benefit from your new AC system.



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