Problems with drainage may be due to broken or collapsed pipes and connections or tree roots wedged inside pipes clogged by grease, muck and other residue.  In some circumstances where a drain cannot be cleared, is blocking repetitively or the pipes are damaged, cracked or broken, digging-up a section of drain and replacing it may be the only option.  Kat’s Plumbing Co. have the capability to install, maintain and design below-ground drainage systems and associated sewerage or effluent disposal systems.
In some cases water pooling occurs after heavy rainfall where it is unable to soak through into the soil and as a result contributes to flooding of your yard or home.  The result of the flooding or water runoff, needs to be dealt with so as not to cause erosion and pooling of water. Kat’s Plumbing Co. can provide recommendations to rectify drainage and storm water runoff suited to your requirements and budget.
  • Repair broken pipes
  • Repair burst water mains
  • Channel drains
Laying a pit
Sewer issues
Relaid new pipework
Aggregated drainage
No stone unturned

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